Friday, December 30, 2011

Currently Craving: Loafers

 (images via IngrigueMeNow, Alicepoint, Cocorosa, Lovely Pepa)
A couple of months ago these shoes seemed really ugly to me, but right now they are the only option I can think of for days when you wanna look chic and stay on your feet for a long time, plus they work great with both pants and skirts! I drew up a loafer wishlist down below, maybe you'll find it useful, all of these shoes are very affordable. I have to confess I already ordered a pair of black River Island loafers, now I have to choose a more funky and colorful version.
From left to right:

1. River Island Animal Print Chain Detail Slipper - $38.18 
2. River Island Black Chain Detail Slippers - $38.18
3. TOPSHOP VECTRA3 Studded Slippers - $56.00
4. TOPSHOP MADISON Leopard Print Loafers - $64.00
5. Steve Madden CROQUET PURPLE SUEDE - $69.95
6. TOPSHOP MONSIEUR Metallic Trim Slipper - $60.00
7. Jeffrey Campbell Hardware Loafer - $172.21
8. Miista Standing on Stardust Loafer - $128.13 


  1. Ah love em all, the studded, spikes, leopard, suede, they're all looking so good.

  2. Great picks! I am not usually a fan of loafers, but I like some of the ones you have here!

  3. oh goshh i've been craving them like crazy too! especially the studded and leopard ones! great picks!!

  4. Jeffery Campbell and Miista ones look so cute and I need them now.

    Danyell Ramblings

  5. definilty , River Island Black Chain Detail Slippers :)

  6. the studded ones are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i love ur blog!!!
    im followin u now:D
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  8. I love smoking loafers! I just got them in pink!

    I have an entry on pink loafers here:

    Please check it out if you have time


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